Guardian Invitation


Hero (New Guardian): Hail, Highlord. You called for me.
Erik (Guardian Highlord): Yes, nice to finally meet you Guardian <hero>.
Erik (Guardian Highlord): You were the one who helped us at the battle of Dragonwatch Keep.
Hero (New Guardian): Yes, that was me.
Erik (Guardian Highlord): If my reports are correct, you are both a skilled fighter and have an intuitive understand of magic.
Erik (Guardian Highlord): You will make a fine addition to the Guardian Order if you decide to join us.
Erik (Guardian Highlord): Now that you have seen us, what we do, learned of the Seekers… you have a choice.
Erik (Guardian Highlord): I invite you to become a Sworn Guardian.
Hero (New Guardian): I… thought I was already a Guardian.
Erik (Guardian Highlord): You have taken your first steps…
Erik (Guardian Highlord): … But you are not recognized as a member of the order until you sign the Guardian Book that Zoria protects.
Erik: Will you join us in our fight?
Hero (New Guardian): I will.

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