Guardian Liv

The Guardians have not had an outpost in The Heartwood for a very long time… but there are tales of ancient Guardians who use to roam these woods in the histories that I study.

The Heartwood Story
This is as much as I know. There were a few things I cannot show you.
- The Supply Wagon
- Meeting Auden
- Heartwood Outpost
- Turtle Problem
- Omen's Attack
- Distraction
- The Captive Kid
- Voice of the Forest
- The Second Trial
- The Third Trial
- The Past Mystic
- The Trials Completed
- Farewell to Liv
- Omen Confronted
- The New Mystic

Aria's Friend
Oh? Did Aria need some help with something? Of course!
- Aria's Friend
- Tasks to be Completed

Green Fabric?
The Guardians of Heartwood use this special Green cloth for our cloaks.


Note: The "Aria's Friend" button appears during the 'Scrappy Do' and 'Patching It Up' quest.

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