Guardian Report (Cutscene)


Alister (Sworn Guardian): Well met, <hero>!
Hero: I've come to report on the battle of Dragonwatch Keep.
Alister (Sworn Guardian): We've already heard. The town is full of people who you saved from Dragonwatch Keep.
Alister (Sworn Guardian): They were all very eager to tell us about the hero who saved their lives from Gorthor the Warfiend.
Alister (Sworn Guardian): But tell me this, was he truly as big as they say?
Hero: No. He was bigger than they say.
Alister (Sworn Guardian): HA! Excellent! The Guardians of Battleon have arranged a gift to thank you.
Hero: There's no need. I was just doing what needed to be done.
Alister (Sworn Guardian): We insist!
Alister (Sworn Guardian): …and we already asked the mad weapon smith, Cysero, to magically craft you a weapon.
Hero: I don't know what to say. Thank you.
Alister (Sworn Guardian): Please continue helping us protect this land and all who live here.
Alister (Sworn Guardian): Now, go see the Cysero, the Mad Weaponsmith and get your reward!

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