Guardian TKT

Guardian Pirate
Yes? What can I do for you, adventurer?

Phoenix Quests
If you are looking into understanding the might of the Phoenix Blade I can impart some knowledge. Research on Phoenix Runes are my specialty.
- Phoenix Runes: Phoenix Ashes Hunt
- Phoenix Runes: Phenix Blade Sacrifice

Rare items?
Oh so I see you are looking for rare or unique items. I dabble with rare items and rare variants on occasion. I can't offer you much, but I do have some unique takes on iconic items.
- Nostalgia Shop

Quest for Rares
Looking for Rares?
- Shovel Blade

Where is Fainal? Who are you?
Ahoy matey I'm TKT, Guardian TKT for you. Fainal is busy, working on the ins and out of the Guardian Tower. He cannot be patrolling around all the time on his own. It was my turn to patrol, so I took over for him.

Don't sweat it matey, I offer the same services as he does, we were both trained similarly. We both serve the same Guardian Tower, after all, matey.

You are a Guardian… Pirate? Aren't pirates supposed to steal?
Eyyyy'! How dare you assume all pirates steal and plunder mate? Are you some kind of piratist? Lolosianist? Eh… Pirate-Phobic?

Anyways, have you not heard of the Captain ey'? Captain Rhubarb that is. He is an honorable pirate, like me! Well, the other way around. I used to be a pirate worried all about plundering and stealing, matey, just like any other pirate in the lolosian bay.

Bue ey', After seeing Rhubarb changing his ways and becoming an honorable pirate, I decided to follow up in his steps. And what better way to be honorable than to join the Guardian Order? I can use my pirate tricks and chests I learned while sailing the Loreian seas to protect others and aid my fellow Guardians when they are too naive to understand they are being tricked.

Location: Battleon Town Square

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