Guardian Upgrade


What are Guardians?

Guardians are players who have upgraded their accounts with the Guardian Package, which allows them to access exclusive Guardian content. It is a one time payment to become a Guardian, and your Guardian status will not expire.

What benefits do Guardians get?

Players who have upgraded to Guardians can:

How do I upgrade to become a Guardian?

You can upgrade to become a Guardian using real cash, either through the Steam Overlay or through the official AQ3D page.

  • If you are purchasing a Guardian package through the Steam Overlay, you will need funds in your Steam Wallet in order to do so. If you are purchasing via Steam Wallet, follow these steps:
    • Note: Steam must not be launched in Offline mode in order for this to work.
    • 1) Launch AQ3D, logon and connect to a server with the account you wish to purchase the upgrade for
    • 2) Open your Inventory
    • 3) In your Inventory, there should be a number displaying the amount of Dragon Crystals you have on the bottom right. Click on the green '+' symbol beside it.
    • 4) You will be prompted an interface similar to the image at the bottom of this page. Select the package you wish to purchase.
    • 5) A Steam Overlay should pop up, and you will be prompted to confirm the purchase.
      • If you do not have enough funds in your Steam Wallet, you will be prompted to 'Add Funds'.
      • Clicking on 'Add Funds' will open up the Steam Browser and provide you with several options for Steam Wallet funds.
      • Once you confirm payment information after selecting the amount of funds you want, you should be asked to confirm the purchase again.
    • 6) Confirm the purchase, and you should fully see the Guardian perks after relogging.
  • If you are purchasing a Guardian package through the official AQ3D site, follow these steps:
    • 1) Logon to your AQ3D account on the AQ3D Account Page
    • 2) Navigate to the mid-bottom of the page and click on 'Buy Guardian or Dragon Guardian'
    • 3) Confirm the notice on the next page, and after doing so you should see the 2 different upgrades.
    • 4) Select the package you wish to upgrade your account with
    • 5) Select your payment method, either with Artix Points / PayPal, Credit, Debit
      • If you are purchasing the upgrade with Artix Points, selecting that option will redirect you to the payment page. You must be logged onto your Portal account to be redirected properly.
      • If you are paying with PayPal, you will be prompted the Xsolla payment interface

Players who have backed the AQ3D KickStarter with $25 USD or more had their accounts automatically upgraded to Guardian as a reward. During the Pre-Beta, accounts with Guardian were automatically upgraded to the Dragon Guardian package free of charge. Those KickStarter backers can also access the KickStarter Guardian Shop and its items.

When you also upgrade to a Guardian account, you will also receive complimentary Dragon Crystals depending on the package.
Upon upgrade, Guardians will also receive 2,500 complimentary Dragon Crystals, and Dragon Guardians will receive 10,000 complimentary Dragon Crystals.

What's the difference between a Dragon Guardian and a regular Guardian?

Dragon Guardians receive access to the Collector's Edition Shop, and the Elite Guardian Rider.

How much does it cost to become a Guardian?

As of Closed-Beta and Open Beta, the prices are as follow:

  • Guardian - $19.99 USD
  • Dragon Guardian - $49.99 USD
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