Guardian: Guardians are heroic dragon knights .
Hero: Dragon Knights?
Guardian: Aye. We wield weapons and spells powered by ancient dragon magic.
Guardian: Power we use to save the world whenever there is danger.
Hero: So you're basically dragon themed Jedi?
Guardian: Aye. Pretty much.
Guardian: Since the great peace, the 8 Elemental Guardian Towers protected every land.
Guardian: But now, every land in the world has suddenly come under attack.
Guardian: We have lost communication with all of the Guardian towers…
Guardian: Except our home base in the Town of Battleon.
Hero: So what is causing all this?
Guardian: We do not know… yet
Guardian: But with all of these attacks happening at once…
Guardian: I suspect something bigger is happening.
Guardian: These are dark times for our world… but Guardians never give up.
Hero: How do you become a Guardian?
Guardian: To answer the call and become a Guardian requires a personal sacrifice…
Hero: Dang it… I have to pay, don't I?
Guardian: Aye. And just wait till you see what comes with the Collector's edition.
Hero: Does it at least include a sword?
Guardian: Guardians get access to the Guardian Tower to forge their sword, armor, and go on special missions.
Guardian: Now… it's time for us to retake this Keep from the undead!

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