Guardian: Guardians are heroic dragon knights .
Hero: Dragon Knights?
Guardian: Aye. We wield weapons and spells powered by ancient dragon magic.
Guardian: Power we use to save the world whenever there is danger.
Hero: So you're basically dragon themed Jedi?
Guardian: Aye. Pretty much.
Guardian: Since the great peace, the 8 Elemental Guardian Towers protected every land.
Guardian: But now, every land in the world has suddenly come under attack.
Guardian: We have lost communication with all of the Guardian towers…
Guardian: Except our home base in the Town of Battleon.
Hero: So what is causing all this?
Guardian: We do not know… yet
Guardian: But with all of these attacks happening at once…
Guardian: I suspect something bigger is happening.
Guardian: These are dark times for our world… but Guardians never give up.
Hero: How do you become a Guardian?
Guardian: To answer the call and become a Guardian requires a personal sacrifice…
Hero: Dang it… I have to pay, don't I?
Guardian: Aye. And just wait till you see what comes with the Collector's edition.
Hero: Does it at least include a sword?
Guardian: Guardians get access to the Guardian Tower to forge their sword, armor, and go on special missions. Guardians may enter the the Guardian Tower to forge their sword, armor, and go on special missions.
Guardian: Now… it's time for us to retake this Keep from the undead!

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