Gunpowder Mary


Governor of Lolosia
Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, mate! No better way to celebrate than coming to Lolosia; the pirate town!

- 2023 Talk Like a Pirate Day Items
- Captain Crisp's Haul *NEW*

Past Pirate Collections
Lookin' for some old treasures? Find 'em right here!
- 2022 Talk Like a Pirate Day Items
- 2021 Pirate Collection
- 2020 Pirate Items
- 2019 Pirate Items
- 2018 Pirate Items
- 2017 Pirate Items

Lolosia (Level 16+)
Avast ye' lilly livered land lubber! Set sail with Pirates on a high sea adventure past the Braken, Ninja controlled isles, and secrets of the deep.

(Level 16+)
- Go to Pirate Town

Pirate Ship Siege (3 vs 3 War)
Hello, friend!
- Go to Pirate War


Note: This NPC targets any hostile monsters in Lolosia Attack.

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