Hallows Eve


Myx (Magic Cauldron): You're pretty handy, ya know that kid?
Hero: Thanks. So, what was up with this house? Is it haunted?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Yeah. Well, no. Kind of?
Hero: Thanks for clearing that up.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Let me start over from the beginning, with the Terror Dimension.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): It's ruled by Hallows Eve. She has took over my dimension a long time ago and now she's got her eye on yours.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): If she gets strong enough to cross over, she will start transforming your reality.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Your world will turn into one of unthinkable horrors and living nightmares, just like my home.
Hero: How does Hallows Eve plan on crossing over to our dimension?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): During this time of year the walls between our realities rub thin. Portals open between them.
Hero: Let me guess. One of those portals is inside this house.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): It IS the house. Hallows Eve has given her servants the shape of monsters in your reality and they have filled the house.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): She's not strong enough to cross over yet but she can send her servants through to spread fear.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): The more fear she creates on this side, the stronger she gets over there!!
Hero: So we just don't let anyone else come inside the house to get scared.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): If it was that simple I would have just locked the door before you came in.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): She knows that people hand out sweets during Mogloween…
Myx (Magic Cauldron): …She has created cursed candy for her monsters to mix in with the normal Mogloween sweets.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): The cursed candy eats away at people's willpower!!
Hero: Without the will to stand up to their fears, they will give in to their terror and feed her more and more power.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Exactly. That's why I need you to get as much of the candy from the fear monsters as you can!

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