|| Broadsword.png
|| Cleaver.png
|| Dagger.png
|| Hammer.png
|| Mace.png
|| Polearm.png
|| Staff.png
|| Throwable.png
|| Wand.png
|| Weapon.png2P Blade || Throwable.png
Abyss Blade
Acid Worn Blade || Dagger.png
Adventurer's Dagger || Dagger.png
Adventurer's Staff || Staff.png
Adventurer's Sword
Azure Sword
Bandit Blade || Dagger.png
Beholder Blade
Berserker Sword
Beta Berserker Axe || Axe.png
Beta Berserker Scythe || Polearm.png
Beta Berserker Sword
Big 'ol Mace || Mace.png
BloodKnight's Chopper || Cleaver.png
BloodKnight's Short Sword
Blue Glass Wand || Wand.png
Blue Star Sword
Bodyspray Axe || Cleaver.png
Bone Bladed Dagger || Dagger.png
Bone Spear || Polearm.png
Bone Wand || Wand.png
Broken Witch Staff || Staff.png
Cadaver Cutter || Dagger.png
Charred Lance || Polearm.png
Chipped Tooth Dagger || Dagger.png
Chitin Piercer || Dagger.png
Chrono Staff (Level 15) || Staff.png
Chrono Staff (Level 3) || Staff.png
Chrono Staff (Level 8) || Staff.png
Coldheart Scythe || Polearm.png
Coldstar Staff || Staff.png
Crimson Battle Staff || Staff.png
Crimson Staff of the Abyss || Staff.png
Crimson Sword
Crystal Mining Pickaxe
Dark Night
Darker Night
Darkest Dawn
Darkest Night (1)
Darkest Night (2)
Deathly Zed Sword
Decayed Dragon's Bane
Defender Guardian Blade
Defender Knight Sword
Defender Mage Staff || Staff.png
Defender Rogue Dagger || Dagger.png
Dim Night
Doom Ripper
DragonFable Sword
Dravir Soldier Spear || Polearm.png
Drickenchaser Axe || Cleaver.png
Driftwood Staff || Staff.png
Elegant Abyss Blade
Elite Dragon Blade
Excavator || Cleaver.png
Flameproof Wood || Staff.png
Frogzard Tooth (Weapon) || Dagger.png
Frogzard Tooth Dagger || Dagger.png
Frozen Core Blade
Furnace Blade
Furnace Hammer || Hammer.png
GDC Blade
Galanoth's Guardian Blade
Galanoth's Training Lance || Polearm.png
Gifted Blade
Glacial Slasher
Goldie Sword
Grass Cutter || Dagger.png
Greenguard Blade
Guardian Blade
Guardian Blade II
Guardian Blade III
Guardian Blade IV
Guardian Sword
Harmless Zed Sword
Heavy Chopper || Cleaver.png
Hill Giant's Toothpick || Dagger.png
Hoarfrost Battleaxe || Axe.png
Iceborn Crusher || Hammer.png
Iron DragonSlayer Axe || Axe.png
Iron DragonSlayer Mace || Mace.png
Iron DragonSlayer Sword
Iron DragonSlayer Warhammer || Mace.png
Katana of The Soul Reaver (Level 10)
Katana of The Soul Reaver (Level 6)
Katana of the Soul Reaver (Level 16)
King's Ransom
Kord's Initiate Sword
Lava Lamp Mace || Mace.png
Legion Dragon Sword
Legion's Soul Spike (Level 10) || Polearm.png
Legion's Soul Spike (Level 16) || Polearm.png
Legion's Soul Spike (Level 6) || Polearm.png
Lion Knight's Sword
Long Dagger || Dagger.png
Magical Ugly Stick || Staff.png
Magma Greatsword
Magmarran Armblade
Magmarran Axe || Axe.png
Magmarran Spear || Polearm.png
Midas' Curse
Molten Excavator || Cleaver.png
Molten Forged Greatsword
Nature's Staff || Staff.png
Nightlocke Scytheblade (Weapon)
Nightlocke War Axe (Weapon) || Axe.png
Nightlocke War Staff (Weapon) || Staff.png
Ogreman's Cleaver of Boom || Cleaver.png
Pickaxe || Cleaver.png
Precious Crystal Dagger || Dagger.png
Precious Crystal Lance || Polearm.png
Precious Crystal Runed Dagger || Dagger.png
Precious Crystal Staff || Staff.png
Precious Crystal Sword
Pumice Pommel Mace || Mace.png
Pumpkin Sword
Red Eye Poker
Red Star Sword
Shadowed Nightlocke Scytheblade
Shadowed Nightlocke War Axe || Axe.png
Shadowed Nightlocke War Staff || Staff.png
Shovel Blade
Shrade's Doom Machete
Shrade's Rusty Machete
Skull Duggery
Skullsmasher Hammer || Hammer.png
Smashing Pumpkin || Mace.png
Sneevil Skewer || Dagger.png
Soulborne Axe || Axe.png
Spiky Sneevil Basher
Staff of Infernal Teleportation || Staff.png
Stick of Wood || Staff.png
Sworn Oath
The Bridge Keeper's Axe || Cleaver.png
The Bridge Keeper's Chop Chop || Cleaver.png
The Great Grave Sword
The Scale Slayer
The Unholy Avenger
The Unholy Avenger DC
Thief's Dagger || Dagger.png
Trolluk Mace || Mace.png
Used Sword
Verdant Sword
Vorah Dagger || Dagger.png
Vorah Hammer || Hammer.png
Vorah Spear || Polearm.png
Vorah Staff || Staff.png
Warbrand Axe || Axe.png
Warbrand Staff || Staff.png
Warbrand Sword
Warlord's Mace || Mace.png
Wayker's Root Staff || Staff.png
White Staff || Staff.png
Wicked Joke
Witch Staff || Staff.png
Wood Smasher || Mace.png
Wooden Staff || Staff.png
Worm Cleaver
Worm Slicer || Throwable.png
Wrapped Frostval Staff || Staff.png
Wrapped Frostval Sword
Yettun's Icy Cleaver || Cleaver.png
dragon spinner || Throwable.png
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