Alpha Knight II Set
Alpha Knight Set
Alpha Pirate Set
Ancient Evil Set
Artix's Golden Direwolf Set
Ashbrand Set
Ashen Plate Set
Bardagi Set
Battleon Militia Set
Beta Berserker Set
Black Knight Set
Black Vampire Set
Blood Vampire Set
Bloodguard Set
BloodKnight Set
Bone Worshiper Set
Braken Slayer Set
Campy Set
Chiropteran Set
Chronomancer Set
Clawgmurai Set
Cold Hart Set
Corrupted Chronomancer Set
Crimson Battle Mage Set
Dark Defender Set
David's Set
Day Walker Set
Defender Knight Set
Defender Mage Set
Defender Rogue Set
Defiler Bandit Set
Dilligaf Set
Dirty Pirate Set
Dragon Berserker Set
Dragon Champion Set
Dragon Guard Set
Dragon Rider Set
Dragon Stalker Set
DragonSlayer Set
Drake Hunter Set
Dread Hood Set
DreadFool Set
Dricken Set
Dwarven Foreman Set
Dwarven Miner Set
Ebon Talon Set
Ebony Dragon Rider Set
Elite Dragon Champion Set
Elvenguard Set
Eternal Chronomancer Set
Fairy DragonKnight Set
Fallen Guardian Set
Fire Mage Set
Fire Rogue Set
Fire Scion Set
Force Master Set
Frost Defender Set
Frostlorn Mage Set
Frostlorn Rogue Set
Frostlorn Warrior Set
Frostval Elf Set
Frostvale Caroler Set
Furnace Knight Set
Gold Vampire Set
Golden Dragon Rider Set
Golden Set
Gravedigger Set
Guardian Dragon Set
Guardian Set
Heavy Dragon Rider Set
Hero Of The Sun Set
Holly Knight Set
Iron Berserker Set
Juan Peace Set
Keen Alpha Pirate Set
KickStarter Guardian Set
Kylord Set
Leather Pirate Set
Legion Grunt Set
Legion Zealot Set
Lost Hiker Set
Madcap Set
Magmarran Set
Mist Set
Mushogun Set
Mushronin Set
Naval Commander Set
Night Guard Set
Noble Dragon Rider Set
Noble's Set
Oceanic Defender Set
Oroku Set
Pebblar Shell Set
Pet Handler Set
Phoenix Knight Set
Pirate Set
Plutocrat Set
Primal SoothSayer Set
Pumpkin Lord Set
Pumpkinmancer Set
Red Elf Set
Royal Dragon Rider Set
Royal Talon Set
Runed Elvenguard Set
Santa Set
Scale Slayer Set
Scoundrel Set
Sea Marauder Set
Serpent Fighter Set
Shadow Specter Set
Shadowed Blood Set
Shadowed Plate Set
Shadowed Set
ShadowSlayer E's Set
ShadowSlayer R's Set
Shrade's Set
Silvered Talon Set
Skalazar's Set
SoothSayer Set
Sparrow's Set
Spiritual Warrior Set
Spooky Witch Set
Storm Defender Set
Talyn's Set
The Vindicator Set
Trollukstein Set
Unbound Vamp Set
Undead Paladin Set
Undead Vindicator Set
Undead Warrior Set
Under Guardian Set
Vampire Commander Set
Vampire Knight Set
Vost Set
Warrior Set
Witch Set
Wolf Knight Set
Zardscale Set

Misc. Items

Acevorah Eye
Acevorah Shell
Air Crystal
Alpha Maroon Zard Egg
Ancestral Shaman Skull
Ancient Spider's Silk
Ashfall Guardian Token
Azure Fragment
Bank Stock Item - Testing
Barber Secret - Slifsgaard's Facial Hair
Bardagi's Token
Battle Gem
Battle Gem Shard
Battleon Firework Potion
BattleOn Invasion Plans
BattleOn Sabatoge Plans
Big Bone
Big Pebblar Shell
Big Zard Leather
Black Squid Dye
Blazing Fragment
Blessed Finger Bone
Blightcrystal Dust
Blood Fangs
Blood Vial
Bloody Fragment
Bloody Tale
Blue Light
Blue Squid Dye
Bone Chip
Bone Shard
Book Grimsbane
Book Robin Hood
Boxwood Flattener
Braken Hide
Bright Feather
Broken Armor Piece
Broken Arrow
Broken Crown
Broken Mask
Broken Shackle
Brown Squid Dye
Brutish Spirit
Burnt Cloth
Burnt Meat
Burnt Scroll
Cadaverous Claw
Camp Records
Campfire Story
Candy (Misc)
Cannon Fragment
Caretaker Staff Fragment
Caring for Your World Tree
Carved Handle
Cave Frogzard Egg
Cave Sneevil Dust
Certificate of Authenticity
Charred Armor Fragment
Charred Belt Remnant
Charred Blade Fragment
Charred Boot Fragment
Charred Glove Fragment
Charred Helm Fragment
Charred Shoulder Plate
Cheese Bit
Chewed Glove
Chitinous Shell
Chorty's Egg
Chrysanthemum Firework Potion
Chunk of Pirate Metal
Class Armor Variant Note
Clawg Shell
Cloth Scrap
Cold Steel
Comet Fireworks Potion
Community Capes Note
Cotton Thread
Cracked Stone
Craft Badge
Crimson Ingot
Crimson Shard
Crumbling Map
Crystal Powder
Cursed Apple
Cursed Ashes
Cursed Booty
Cursed Cap
Cursed Island Pirate Skull
Dage Collector's Chest 2018
Daily Boss Trophy
Damp Hide
Dark Cloth
Dark Glowing Skull
Dark Letter With Green Runes
Dark Magic
Dark Metal Fragment
Dark Obsidian
Dark Power
Dark Skull
Dark Smoke
Dark Spider Claw
Darkened Bone
Darkovia Creature Sample
Death's Coin
Death's Contract
Deck of Cards
Defender Medal
Dirty Bone
Dragon Crest
Dragon Guardian Note
Dragon Hide
Dragon Metal Ingot
Dragon Note
Dragon Trophy
Dragon Whisper
Dragon's Blood
DragonSlayer Class Token
Dravir Hide
Dread Stone
Dread Stone (PTR)
DreadFool Note
Dricken Egg
Dricken Meat
Dried Crust
Dull Scale
Dwarf Iron
Dwarven Iron Ingot
Earth Crystal
Elite Defender Medal
Emberzard Egg
Empowered Weapon Fragment
Encased Future Legion Soul
End of The World Token
Enraged Spirit
Epic Ice Shards
Epic Yettun Horn
Evil Berry
Evil Tear
Faded Pattern
Fairy Dragon Scale
Fallen Guardian Journal Page (1)
Fallen Guardian Journal Page (2)
Fallen Guardian Journal Page (3)
Fallen Guardian Journal Page (4)
Fallen Guardian Journal Page (5)
Feral Frogzard Egg
Field Guide 1 Sneevils
Fiendish Spine
Fire Crystal
Firezard Egg
Firezilla Egg
Fishing Certificate of Accomplishment
Flame Essence
Flame Runed Cloth
Flying Fish Firework Potion
Folded Dress And Princess Tiara
Forbidden Void Skull
Forged Blade
Free Potion Coupon
Frogvorah Egg
Frogzard Claw
Frogzard Scale
Frogzard Tooth (Misc)
Frostbit Coin
Frostlorn Rime
Frostval Collector's Chest 2017
Frostval Collector's Chest 2018
Frostvale Ice
Frozen Horn
Fungus Flake
Galanoth's Hilt
Galanoth's Journal
Gargoyle Skin
Ghost Howl
Giant Pearl
Giant Wolf Pelt
Giant Worm Fang
Gigantic Bone
Glowing Coals
Glowing Ember
Glowing Gem
Glowing Obsidian Ingot
Gnawed Wood
Gold Tooth
Golden Egg
Golden Thread
Graveyard Skull
Greater Crimson Shard
Green Frogzard Egg
Green Light
Green Slime
Green Squid Dye
Green Wire
Grey Spirit's Note
Grime Covered Pendant
Guardian Defender Token
Guardian Note
Guardian Soul Glo
Hard Shell
Hardened Casing
Heart of Air
Heart of Earth
Heart of Fire
Heart of the Wood
Heart of Water
Heart Shaped Locket
Heavy Bolts
Heavy Log
Hero Class Pre-Release Pass
Horn of Generosity
Ice Shards
Infernal Ashes
Infernal Minion Heart
Insect Head
Intact Pumpkin
Invisible Note
Iron Nail
Island Clawgling Meat
Ixtis Silk
Journal Page
Klawg Klaw
Klawgy Patty
Kord's Letter
Kord's Portrait
Lacquered Shell
Lava Core
Lava Hide
Leather Pieces
Leather Straps
Legion Spark
Letter to Galanoth
Live Event Coin
Livingstone Fungus
Lolosian Crown

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Use Items

Armored Black Dragon
Armored Red Dragon
Battle Dricken Claw
Battleon Firework Potion
Beach Ball (DC)
Beach Ball (Non-DC)
Black Dragon
Blizzy's Gift (DC)
Blue Ogre Soul
Breakfast Potion
Brief Gold Boost
Brief XP Boost
Bush Root
Castle Armor Summoning Potion
Chrysanthemum Firework Potion
Comet Fireworks Potion
Cursed Apple
Cursed Pirate Skeleton (DC)
Cursed Pirate Skeleton (Non-DC)
Dark Shroom
Deadly Spider Legs (DC)
Deepling Fin
Dragon's Blood
Drick Cage
Dricken Claw
Dricken Leg
Dry Jerky
Earth Dragon
Echo Of Bludregen
Ectoplasmic Blob
Ectoplasmic Coating
Elite Guardian Rider
Elvenguard Dragon
Enchanted Frogzard Claw
Ethereal Wing
Evil Berry
Fairy Dragon Wing
Fancy Health Potion
Fancy Mana Potion
Festive Snowman (DC)
Festive Snowman (Non-DC)
Festive Snowmini (DC)
Festive Snowmini (Non-DC)
Flying Fish Firework Potion
Full Moon Power
Gingerbread Person (DC)
Greenguard Dragon
Guardian Defender Zard Reins
Guava Froot
Half-eaten Cheese
Health Potion
Heavy Earth Dragon
I Like Cheese
I Like Cheese A Lot
Jumping Legion Skull (DC)
Jumping Legion Skull (Non-DC)
Legion Winged Skull (DC)
Legion Winged Skull (Non-DC)
Lil' Skelly Travel Form (DC)
Lil' Skelly Travel Form (Non-DC)
Lolosia Land Shark (DC)
Lolosia Land Shark (Non-DC)
M-06-L1N (Transformation)
Mana Potion
Murky Heal Potion
O' TannenBush
Paranormal Protection Flask
Paranormal Protection Potion
Peach Froot
Pig Snout
Plant-Zombie Spore
Pony's Tail
Raven's Claw
Red Dragon
Red Macaw
Rolling Snowman Head
Roman Candle Firework Potion
Rudolph the Reindragon
Salty Parrot
Senna Bun
Shadow Moglin Form
Shadow Wolf Paw
Shrieking Scrap
Shrieking Shroud
Skeleton Travel Form (DC)
Skeleton Travel Form (Non-DC)
Sky Rocket Firework Potion
Slice of Dark Cake
Sniper Snowball
Spicy Jerky
Spider Hair
Stickolas Cage in Gone in Sticksty Seconds
Stickolas Cage in Match Stickmen
Stickolas Cage in The Sticker Man
Strange Key
Surfin' Sneevil (DC)
Surfin' Sneevil (Non-DC)
Tasty Bun
Tasty Fish Pop
Tasty Whale Pop
Unstable Ember
Weird Shrooms
Were-pumpkin Root
Wild Boar Tusk
Zoom Shroom

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