Archives FAQ

Archives FAQ

Q: What are the Archives?
A: The Archives were introduced as a way of accessing previous recorded information more easily.

Q: How does this affect me?
A: It shouldn't have a major effect on regular wiki users. It should make pages less cluttered and more clean. You should be seeing less strikethroughs and collapsibles when browsing.

Q: Will this affect tag searching?
A: It should not. Lists should still be functional and working as if the Archives were never added.

Q: Will this affect searching in general?
A: It shouldn't. If you happen to accidentally stumble onto an archived page from searching, you will be able to access the original page via a Note near the bottom of each page.

Q: Why are there no rarity tags on the archive pages?
A: It's unnecessary to do so, considering the original pages have them.

Q: The page is taking longer than usual to load. Is this usual?
A: There are a lot of items to load as the list is automatically updating. It should not take more than 10 seconds to load.

Q: I can't access the Archives. Is there any other way to access an archived page?
A: If you are having issues with loading the Archives, navigate to the page you wish to access archived content, and add '-old' to the end of the url, for example, ''. As always, there will be a note at the bottom of the page which allows you to return to the current page. Alternatively, you may search up a page and add "old" to the end of the name.

Q: How can I access the Archives aside from going to the homepage?
A: The archives can be located on the top bar or the left side bar, under Other Info.

Q: I don't like *example* / Something is wrong. Can I change it?
A: If something has updated in-game, you may update any wiki and Archive pages related to whatever got updated in-game (if you wish to create/update any Archive pages, please refer to the section below). If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the Archives, please PM a wiki mod or admin here, or you may message a wiki mod/admin on Twitter here.

Creating/Updating Archive Pages

Q: Should I update the page first then Archive the old information, or the other way around?
Archive the old information first, then add the new information to the wiki page you're updating immediately after archiving the old information.

Q: I'm updating information on a wiki page. How do I check if the page I'm updating information on has an Archive page?
A: Add "-old" at the end of the URL of the wiki page you're updating (here is a picture for reference).

Q: The wiki page I'm updating doesn't have an Archive page. How do I make one?
A: If an Archive page has not been created for the page you're updating, you will need to make one. Please refer to this step-by-step guide in order to create an Archive page:
1. Add "-old" at the end of the URL you're updating if you haven't already, otherwise skip to Step 2.
2. You will see a page that looks like this. Click "create page"; this will put you in the editing window.
3. After you click "create page", your page will look like this. In the "Title of the page" text box, put brackets around the word "Old", like this.
4. Copy all the information from the page that you're updating in the editing window of the Archive page (including the image) then save and create the page.
5. After creating the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Tags". Add "_#" (with "#" being the first letter of the page name. If it's a number or symbol then use it the way it is) and "old" separated with a space, then click "Save". After you add your tags, scroll down to the bottom of the page again, click "Options", "Parent", add the word "archives" then save the parent.
(Note: Archive pages are only for wiki pages that get updated with new information. If a wiki page hasn't been updated with new information since it's creation, thwn it doesn't need an Archive page.)

Q: The wiki page I'm updating has an existing Archive page with information on it. How do I update the Archive page?
A: You will need to use tabs. If the Archive page doesn't have tabs, use the code below:

[[tab Old]]

Information that you're adding goes here

[[tab Older]]

Information that was already on the page goes here


If the Archive page already has tabs, create a new tab to put the information you're adding in using the code below (put the code in the line below [[tabview]]):

[[tab Old]]

Information that you're adding goes here


Also, please use this code when updating images as well.

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