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For items from shops, the sellback will always be the original price divided by 10. If an item costs 250 Gold, its sellback will be 25 Gold.
The same goes for Dragon Crystals, if you bought an item for 500 Dragon Crystals, the sellback is 50 Gold.

There is unfortunately no way to determine the sellback on crafted rewards.

If you ever need to calculate a sellback, bookmark this page and use the calculator provided below.


Numbers are always formatted by #,### when it's more than 4 digits.
Never type numbers like ####, please add a comma.


Please don't accidentally space things too much, or add a foreign letter to formatted code. This can greatly mess up a page.

Some examples include:

**Location:** [[[Spaghetti Factory]]]
**Price:** 500 Gold
**Sellback:* * 50 Gold

**Description:** Pasta is good. Pasta on a plate is even better.

[[image image-link]]

2 main issues can be clearly seen and will affect how the page will look:

The Sellback is not bolded correctly, if on a page, it would look like **Sellback:* * 50 Gold.
The spacing is also incorrect, on a page it will look like this.

Price: 500 Gold
Sellback: 50 Gold

Description: Pasta is good. Pasta on a plate is even better.

Same goes for tabbing and collapsibles. Please be careful to add slashes, and the correct amount of brackets.

[[tab Me!]]
[[image imageofme!]]
[[tab You!]]
[[image imageofyou!]]
[[collapsible show="+ Yes!" hide="- No!" folded="no"]]
[[image imageofyes]]

Incomplete/Need-Image Tags

The incomplete tag is only for pages that are missing values in text, which could be stats, drops, sellback, description, etc. It is NOT used for missing images.
Only use the need-image tag for pages that are missing an image.

Additionally please use all tags correctly-

Don't forget to add 'shopitem' if the item is from a shop, 'drop' if the item is from a drop.
If a shop item is also from a crafting shop, add 'craftingreward'.

Items used in quests are tagged 'questitem'
Items rewarded from quests are 'questrewards'


Pages are always ordered by alphabetical order. Numbers go first, from 1, 11, 2, 22, etc. then letters (a, aa, b, bb).
If you are unsure about what goes first, use an alphabetizer online.

Notes, Locations, and Punctuation

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not pressing the period key after the end of a sentence, or adding an 's' at the end of a line.

Note: Is only used for one note.


  • Is used like this if there are
  • more then 2 notes, including also see notes.

Please be sure to check whether it is Note: or Notes: worthy.
Same goes for locations-

Location: Shop Name


Punctuation is not necessary on Locations: or Location:. Please add them after an Note: Also see note.

Monster Prices

Prices go like this:

Price: N/A (Dropped by monster)

**Price:** N/A (Dropped by [[[monster]]])

They do NOT go like the ones below:


Only format monster drops like that if there are more than 2 monsters, as such.

Price: N/A

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