Tag Information

What are Tags?
Tags are those little red words around the bottom left of the majority of Wiki pages.

What do they do?
They categorize pages and associate them to one another, and displays the Tag name on the Tag Cloud.

Tag Cloud?
The Tag Cloud can be seen in the left side bar of the wiki. These are the most popular / frequently used Tags. A full Tag Cloud can be seen here or by clicking any Tag.

What's the point?
It's best described by example. Lets say you want to see every Zard in the game. Our monsters are all on one big list, you'd have to check them all. Simply click on the "Zard" tag and it will bring back every page we have chosen to label with the word "Zard". Pretty simple, and pretty useful.

Are there any rules to Tags?
As always, follow the AQ3D Wiki Rules.
Other than that, here are a few guidelines:

  • Any page can have more than one tag.
  • All tags must be a single word, or joined with a hyphen. Use a space and it will be considered 2 or more separate tags.
  • Please ensure you spell all tags exactly the same way, as tags with typos are technically a different tag.
  • If you don't understand a tag, click it and see what other items have the same tag. Please try not to suggest new tags if a suitable tag exists (eg - don't suggest "Tux" when we have "Suit") unless you think it is necessary.

How do I add/remove Tags?
There is a little red button at the bottom of every page, click that and add / delete the tag you want, then hit save.

The more careful we are with our tags, the better they work. Happy tagging everyone!

I have a great idea for a Tag! How can I have it added?
If there is a tag you would like to add, change or remove, please post in this thread providing the tag name, description of the tag (what the tag is used for), and the reason for the addition/change/removal. The idea will be discussed and implemented if there is enough positive reaction. Please feel free to give your opinion on other peoples tag suggestions!

An appropriate suggestion would be formatted like this:

'beta' - this item is from one of the betas
This tag is redundant and should be replaced with more elaborate tags, such as 'openbeta' and 'closedbeta'.

Follows is a list of every tag we are currently using, and a short description of what they mean:

Go to #, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


+armor - this item gives a bonus to the armor stat

+attack - this item gives a bonus to the attack stat

+crit - this item gives a bonus to the crit stat

+evasion - this item gives a bonus to the evasion stat

+haste - this item gives a bonus to the haste stat

+health - this item gives a bonus to the health stat


ae-staff - This item/monster/NPC is based on a (former) member of the Artix Entertainment staff (please note, they are still NPCs, and not the staff member's actual characters)

aethemed - this item/monster/NPC is themed from AE games (the themed subject must exist in other AE games before it did in AQ3D in order to apply)

armor - this is an armor

awesome-rarity - This item has the "Awesome" rarity (the item's name is colored blue)


belt - this is a belt

beta - only accessible by players who created an account during AQ3D's beta testing stage

boss - this is a boss

boot - this is a pair of boots


cape - this is a cape

challenge - this is a challenge

class - this is a class

collection - this is a collection shop that requires you to spend 4,900 DCs on an item required to access it.

common-rarity - This item has the "Common" rarity (the item's name is colored white)

consumable - this is an item that restores health/mana, or gives buffs when consumed

cosmetic - this is an item that can be equipped as a cosmetic item (it will not give you any stats)

craftingitem - items required for crafting in a craft shop

craftingreward - item obtained through crafting in a craft shop

craftshop - this is a craft shop

cutscene - this is a cutscene


dc - this is a DC item

delete - this tag is for notifying admins/moderators that a certain page needs deleting

dragon - this is or is part Dragon, or uses Dragons in it's design

dragonkind - this is monster is considered a Dragon in combat and is affected by classes like DragonSlayer (PTR)

drop - this item drops from a monster

dungeon - this is a dungeon


epic-rarity - This item has the "Epic" rarity (the item's name is colored purple)


free - This item can be purchasable for free (or if it was put on your inventory) without spending real life currency/money or Gold/ACs to get it and they aren't monster drops or quest rewards


glove - this is a pair of gloves


hair - this item is, or includes, (head) hair

hat - this is a hat

helm - this is a generic tag for any item in the helmets & hoods category

helmet - this helm is actually a helmet

hood - this is a hood

human - this is, or is part human


incomplete - this wiki page is currently missing information


junk-rarity - This item has the "Junk" rarity (the item's name is colored grey)


kickstarter - this is accessible to anyone who backed the AQ3D Kickstarter campaign


legendary-rarity - This item has the "Legendary" rarity (the item's name is colored gold)

location - this is a location


misc - this is a misc. item

monster - this is a monster, an enemy you can attack


need-image - this page has no image or a poor quality image that needs replacing

npc - this is an NPC, Non Playable Character



ptr - this can only be accessed on the PTR servers (read here for more information)


quest - this is a quest or a set of quests

questgiver - this will give you quests

questitem - inventory items used in a quest

questreward - this is a reward from a quest


rare - this is no longer obtainable or accessible (by people who don't already have it/access to it)


seasonal - this item/NPC/location/monster comes once a year, every year

shop - this is a shop

shopitem - this item was purchased in a shop

shoulder - this is a shoulder equip

specialoffer - this item is only obtainable via an AE special offer. Page notes will specify


transformation - this is an item that lets you transform yourself into a creature, allowing you to move faster (you will exit your transformation if you attack any monster)


uncommon-rarity - This item has the "Uncommon" rarity (the item's name is colored green)

undead - this is undead, or has undead used as part of it's design

use - this is a consumable or transformation that can be used in the "Use" menu.


vendor - you can purchase items from here


weapon - this is a weapon




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