Heath's Ghost

Hello, hero. When I was alive my name was Heath. I was the paladin who was placed in charge of the Doomwood Watch. I turned on my fellow paladins to save my own sorry skin but, for my cowardice and selfish act, I am now cursed to eternally guard the bridge that serves as the entrance to ShadowSkull Tower.

I deserve this. A commander is charged with the safety of those under his command and, in my cowardice, I handed those brave soldiers over to Sargoth to try and strike a bargain for my life. Even if he had let me live, I never could have gone one knowing what I had done. I brought this curse upon myself. I just hope that eternity is long enough for me to redeem my worthless spirit. I must pay for my crime.

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Location: Shadowskull Bridge
Level: 1

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