Hello To Einar


Einar: Hold! Come no closer.

Hero: It's OK, I'm a friend.

Einar: If you worship the Frostlorn, you are no friend to me.

Hero: I'm <hero> and I'm here to stop the Frostlorn Raiders.

Einar: I am Einar of the Bardagi.
Einar: Bardagi warriors are no fools and we have suffered much at the hands of the Frostlorn.
Einar: If you are truly a friend, I ask that you prove it.

Hero: That's fair. How?

Einar: The Frostlorn holds sway over all the monsters of the north.
Einar: No worshiper of the Frostlorn would desecrate his children.
Einar: Bring me the trophies of the Frostlorn monsters you find here in this hall.
Einar: …then we will speak further.

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