Samurai Class Trainer
Welcome, Hero. Have you come to learn the ways of the Samurai?

Who are you?
I am a humble traveler from Yokai, and a master in the ways of the Samurai. Unfortunately, this tradition is dwindling, and my people have chosen to look outside of our homeland to fill its ranks.

Samurai Class
I see you wish to learn more about Samurai…
- Samurai Training
- Samurai Class Shop
- Get Dragon Samurai! *NEW*

Tell me more about the Way…
Ah. Simply paying a free to receive a fancy title is not enough for you, I see. You want to learn the true ways of the Samurai.

Sigh. Fine, fine. I will allow you to prove yourself to me, here. When you are ready, we will begin.
- Quests

- Storm Bringer *NEW*


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