Hero's Plan


Aldric (Guardian Highlord): Have you found a way into Dragonwatch Keep, <Hero>?
Hero: What if we use the catapults to break down the portcullis?
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): Book and Blade! The solution is right in front of us.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): We brought them to use against the swarm of Voidrakar minions…
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): … but they would make short work of that gate.
Hero: It looks like the Voidrakar Host has destroyed them…
Hero: … but I think I can find enough spare parts to get one of them working again.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): <Hero>, I think it's time I told you why Skarn is here.
Hero: You knew why he brought the Host to Dragonwatch?
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): Yes, but all Guardians are sworn to protect this secret.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): However, you've proven yourself to be a friend to us and this village.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): … and I don't think we could do this without you.
Hero: Alright. I'm listening.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): Hidden inside Dragonwatch Keep is a box…
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): … and inside the box is a very special Dragon Egg.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): It's been hidden there for more than a century, but Skarn found out about it somehow.
Hero: What's so special about this egg?
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): That's as much as I can say without breaking my oath.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): I don't know what Skarn is planning but he must not get that egg.
Hero: How do I find the egg?
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): It's magically hidden but I'll draw you a map so you will be able to find it.
Hero: Understood. I'll get to work on fixing the catapults.

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