Mistress of Herbology
Hello, Dearie! Aren't the pumpkins here just amazing?

Who are you?
Well, aren't you the sweetest. Hexalina Caster is my name. I come from a long line of herbalists. Herbology is the magical mastery of plants and fungi. When I arrived here, I fell in love with the pumpkins and thought I would practice my craft by brightening up the town. My masterpiece is the giant pumpkin on top of the building. He keeps an eye on everyone in Mystcroft.

Must have Scrap of Dark Parchment in your inventory to see this dialogue.
Dark Parchment…
I'm shocked, to say the least. The very idea of my cousin, Hallows Eve, has placed a spy in our midst. I wouldn't tell anyone until we can sort this out. It might worry the town.

- *NEW* Mystcroft Finery

Location: Mystcroft Town Square

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