High Marshal Firebrand

Battle Arenas Overseer
There will always be a new threat on the horizon. That's why we must be ready for when it arrives. And what better way to stay on guard than with some friendly sparring in our PvP Battle Arenas!

Marks of Glory (Daily)

- Winning in Battle (Daily)
- Practice Matches (Daily)

- Join Public Queue Puts you to a public Battle Arena queue, 10 players are needed to start a match, must be at least Level 5 to join the queue
- Private Queue Gives you a choice to create or join a private Battle Arena queue, you must enter a password to create or join a queue, 10 players are needed to start a match, must be at least Level 5 to join the queue

*NEW!* Siege of Souls
Join the epic battle where the Legion Onslaught is pitted against the Golden Order! Find victory and defeat the enemy leader!
- Siege of Souls Rewards

How to play Siege
In Siege, fight with your team through the enemy's turrets to take down their General, while defending your own from attack. Gain Fervor to overpower your enemies and claim victory!

There are two rows of turrets for each team. Outer turrets must be destroyed to access inner turrets, an inner turret must be destroyed before attacking the General. Turrets and Generals are very strong, so gaining Fervor is recommended before assaulting them directly.
Fervor greatly boost your damage and health, and is crucial to your team's success! Gain 1 Fervor for dealing the final blow to an enemy. Green crystals also spawn that can be claimed for 3 Fervor.

Above 10 Fervor, you will lose stacks each time you die, so be careful!

- Battle Arena Shop
- Special PvP Rewards

Learn more about PvP
Curious about engaging in battle with your fellow adventurers?
- Speak with High Marshal Firebrand

How to Play Control
The rules are simple. Throughout the playing field you'll find three capturable zones. Control these zones to gain points for defeating members of the opposing team.

How to Capture Zones
To capture a zone, more members of your team must be standing inside the circle than the other team. Once the zone is yours, you can leave to continue your conquest!
But be careful: the enemy team can claim your zones if your team isn't there to defend! Work together with your teammates and stay vigilant in order to succeed!
Bounty Zones
Stay on the lookout for the Bounty Zone that appears every 2 minutes. Claiming this zone will immediately reward your team with a large sum of points!
Be ready to rush over when it spawns or your enemies will take the bounty for themselves!

Skills and Abilities
You may notice a few differences with the abilities you have at your disposal during a match. If you'd like to learn what those are, just ask away

Class Skills
All combatants are viewed as equals in the Battle Arenas. As such, you will notice that all Class Skills are unlocked for the Classes you have acquired.
PVP Abilities
In the Battle Arenas, you'll notice a few specific abilities given to you and other combatants, such as Dash, Recover, and Mark. This ensures everyone is on even ground and has the right tools at their disposal for a fulfilling match.



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