Holly (Cutscene)


Hero: Hi, are you HOLLY?

Holly (Frost Moglin): Yup, that's me! And you're…
Holly (Frost Moglin): BOOK AND BLADE! You're <hero>!

Hero: That's me.

Holly (Frost Moglin): You're the whole reason that we have our homeland back! This is such an honor!
Holly (Frost Moglin): What can I do for you?

Hero: Blizzy said I should talk to you. A guy named Rayray got himself frozen.

Holly (Frost Moglin): Oh, yeah. That can happen up here.
Holly (Frost Moglin): Same thing happened to Uncle Sniffle.

Hero: Is Rayray… dead?

Holly (Frost Moglin): Nope! As a matter of fact, he's probably safer in that ice than he would be standing out in the open.
Holly (Frost Moglin): We just need a few materials and he'll be just fine.

Hero: I'll hurry as fast as I can!

Holly (Frost Moglin): No need to rush. He'll keep for years in there.

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