Holly's Daily Quest

Quest Location: Frostvale
Quests Begun From: Holly
Note: This quest can only be completed once per day.

Requirements: Must have completed 'The Thaw' quest.

Wanna help with resupplying the village? Do you love to fish? Then you're perfect for the job! Frost Moglins love Smellyfish Fish Sticks and we use a secret technique to turn them into Tasty Fish Pops! Bring me three Smellyfish and you can try some Tasty Fish Pops! You can find Fish Sticks right here in Frostvale. Bring me so Fish Sticks and I'll make you up some Tasty Fish Pops!

Items Required:

  • Get Smellyfish x3
    • Random chance to get the item when fishing in Lolosia
  • Get 3 Fish Sticks
    • Obtained by Fishing on Fishing node 195 400.


  • 2,860 36 Gold
  • 5,720 360 Exp


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