Horrific Nightmare


«"You are in a dream"»
Hero: Oh great… I am in a dream
Count Ingland (Horror): No, you are in a nightmare!
Count Ingland (Horror): Mwahahahahahahahahaha!
Hero: Is that evil laugh obligatory or purely optional?
Count Ingland (Horror): You are not scared?
Hero: Do you have any idea what sort of things I fight on a daily basis?
Count Ingland (Horror): You are seriously… not scared?!
Count Ingland (Horror): I can't hurt you in your dreams… if you are not scared.
Hero: Look, we all got problems pal.
Hero: For example, I would pinch myself to wake up but I don't have fingers.
Hero: So you're not a vampire, werewolf, or ghost…
Hero: What are you?
Count Ingland (Horror): My kind are called "Horrors".
Count Ingland (Horror): My brethren include supernatural creatures like Shrade, Fleshette, and other uncategorizable horrors.
Hero: So… you are parody movie monsters?
Count Ingland (Horror): We are Horrors!
Hero: Fine. You're a Horror.
Hero: So, when I wake up, can I have your mask?
Count Ingland (Horror): You can take it right now.
Hero: And I will have this when I wake up?
Count Ingland (Horror): Yes…
Count Ingland (Horror): But you better wake up fast.
Hero: Why?
Count Ingland (Horror): The vampire is about to bite you in the neck while you sleep.

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