Housing System

Housing system is a feature that allows players to get a house with a house plan and decorate one using house items. The housing menu gives access to your house(s), public houses, and your house item inventory.

How to access the housing system?

Through the Main Menu, pressing the "Housing" button opens a menu to access it and its features. However, you must complete the housing tutorial quests to use them first. Before completing them, the menu allows to start and track them.

How to enter my house?

After finishing the tutorial, opening the housing menu has one house on the list called "My New House!". All houses listed can be entered by clicking/tapping on the "Enter" door icon.

When in your house, 4 buttons appear on the screen. Backpack (House Item Inventory), Pencil (Edit Mode, clicking/tapping it will turn it on or off), Floppy Disk (Save the edits made to a house if any were made), Door (Exit the house).

When visiting a house of another player, only the exit button is visible unless the owner of the house has assigned you to a builder role.

How to enter a public house?

When viewing the housing menu, clicking/tapping on the "Public Houses" button will open a list of public houses on the server you are currently playing on. A search bar is above and can be used to search houses by their title. The list can be filtered with the following: House Title, Owner, Map (House Plan used), and Players (The player limit).

Clicking/tapping on a house on said list opens a prompt to join it, as long as it isn't full. Leaving works in the same way as leaving your from your own house.

If a house breaks Artix Entertainment's Terms of Service, it can be reported by using the Report House button to the left of the join button.

How to access my house item inventory?

It can be accessed from the house menu by clicking/tapping on the "House Item Inventory" button or when in your house by clicking/tapping the backpack icon on the screen.

How to change my house settings?

When in checking the list of your houses, clicking on it, but not the door icon, opens the settings tab for that house. You are able to change the following: House Title (what your house is called), the limit of players who can enter the house (Max Players; 1 to 200), and its visibility (Private, Public, Friends Only, and Guild Only).
Note: Friends Only and Guild Only settings act as Private setting at the moment, their own functionality will be added at a later date.

Additionally the amount of house items used in a house can viewed from this tab.

There is another tab called Roles and it can be used to view who you have assigned a role in your house. The only role that players can be assigned to is a builder, allowing the builder to edit a house alongside the owner of said house using most tools an owner has access to.

What were house slots?

With the housing menu opened, clicking/tapping on a big plus button was used to buy a house slot. Each slot costed 2,000 Dragon Crystals. The house slot limit was 4. After buying a new slot, a new house become available to enter and edit.

House slots were merged with house plans during the update that was released on May 28th, 2014. Those who had bought any house slots had their Dragon Crystals refunded. Now all owned houses can be accessed through the housing menu without having to buy slots to use them all or some of them at once.

How to place house items in my house and how do the tools for it work?

When edit mode is turned on, you are able to place house items in your house from house item inventory by pressing the place button. Instances of house items can be viewed by using the view instances button. It shows how many of that house item is placed in your house(s), and they can be recalled back to house item inventory by pressing the small red X button.

When placing an item, the first set of buttons will appear: Delete (removes the selected item back to you house item inventory), Reset (resets the position of the selected house item to where it was when it was selected/placed), Copy (places another instance of the selected house item to your house).

Lastly there is a gear icon and it will open the second set of buttons:
The 1st button has 3 settings (Move; allows to move the house item in 3 directions, Rotate; allows you to rotate the house item with 3 axes around it, Resize; allows to you to resize the selected house item in 3 directions).

The 2nd button has 2 settings which change the directions for the tools of the 1st button. The directions are either fixed or based on the position of a house item that is currently targeted. The resize tool's 2nd option allows size increasing or decreasing with a single directional arrow.

When you are satisfied with all edits you have made, using the floppy disk icon on the screen will save the changes you have made. Only the owner of a house can save edits.

Each house has a base limit of 3,000 house items. The current amount of house items used in a house can be viewed through the house settings tab of said house.

How to increase my house items limit?

Buying any Guardian package increases the limit by 1,000 items. Additionally an upgrade of 1,000 items can be bought for 500 Dragon Crystals, for a total of 5,000 house items per house. This can be done through the house settings tab and clicking/tapping on a big red upgrade button under a house items counter. Doing this opens a prompt to confirm the transaction.

Unlike the extra house items you can place in your house(s) after buying any Guardian package, the increase from the 500 Dragon Crystal upgrade is only applied to a house it was bought for.

All increases to this limit (if any) are displayed next to the house items counter.

How to make another player a builder in my house(s)?

In order to assign another player to a builder role, clicking/tapping on their portrait and picking the "Add Builder" option gives that player the role.

When a player is assigned to a builder role, they are able to use mostly all house editing tools, but they cannot use save the edits they have made or see/recall items through the house items inventory by using the instances button. The builders can only use house items from the house owner's house item inventory, not from their own.

How to remove a player from being a builder in my house(s)?

The process is the same as assigning players to the role, but picking the "Remove Builder" option when they have the builder role assigned to them.

This can also be done from the Roles tab by clicking on a hammer icon next to a players name. This is the method to use if you wish to remove those who are currently offline or not present in your house.

How to get more house items and house plans?

For example: there are several shops dedicated to them in Battleon Trade District which can be accessed by interacting with Brigitte and Niall.

You are able to access some of them through the Shops Menu after completing the housing tutorial quests as well. This menu also gives an option to travel Battleon Trade District.

The following links can be used to search for more house items and house plans:

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