How To Fish


Fate (Supreme Angler): Hi, <hero>! The fish are really jumpin' today! Ready to catch some?
Hero: Sure! How do I get started?
Fate (Supreme Angler): First, you need a FISHING POLE. I sell a few in my shop.
Fate (Supreme Angler): Once you EQUIP the pole in your WEAPON SLOT. You will see splashes around the docks.
Fate (Supreme Angler): Just CLICK OR TAP THE SPLASHES and see what you catch!
Fate (Supreme Angler): But be sure to get there first. If someone is already fishing that spot, you won't be able to fish there.
Hero: How do I get a better fishing pole?
Fate (Supreme Angler): Better poles catch better fish.
Fate (Supreme Angler): I can sell you better poles but you have to prove you know how to handle 'em fisrt.
Fate (Supreme Angler): Complete my Fishing Rank Quests to RANK UP so you can unlock and BUY BETTER POLES with gold.
Hero: Alright! Let's go fishing!

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