How To Play?


Hero: Zorbak, how do you play this game?
Zorbak: You want *ME* to tell you how to play AdventureQuest 3D?
Zorbak: Meh heh heh… YOUR a noob!
Hero: "You're"
Zorbak: HEY!!! Don't correct me when I am teaching you game basics!
Hero: So you are going to teach me?
Zorbak: Meh… fine. But call me Sempai from now on.
Hero: …Sempai?
Zorbak: Ok, what device are you playing on?
Hero: Why does that matter?
Zorbak: Because this game is *TRUE CROSS PLATFORM!*
Hero: What does True-Cross Platform mean?
Zorbak: It means you can play it from Steam (PC/Mac), Android, or Apple (coming soon) devices…
Hero: Really? I can play this same account on different devices.
Zorbak: Yup!
Zorbak: And when you are playing… the most important thing is…
Zorbak: The options menu!
Zorbak: It's on the right side of the screen. The little circle with three lines in it.
Zorbak: Don't look for it now! We're in the middle of a cutscene.
Zorbak: But when we're done, click on that options menu.
Zorbak: ALL THE GOOD STUFF is in there!
Hero: Like your Kim Kardashian picture collection?
Zorbak: From the options menu you can access your inventory, classes, quests, travel map, settings, and more.
Zorbak: When you get right down two it… this game comes down to TWO things
Zorbak: 1st - Adventuring! That is you run around exploring, fighting, and clicking on stuff to get into trouble.
Zorbak: 2nd - Questing! In the upper right of your screen you will find your current quest.
Zorbak: That's probably why the dev's called it AdventureQuest.
Zorbak: Either that or they're just stupid.
Zorbak: Meh… probably both.
Zorbak: Ok… Now listen up my little Padawan. I'm going to teach you about fighting!
Hero: Finally! I can't wait to kick some butt!
Zorbak: Meh, hold up there small fry…
Hero: Small!? I am three times taller than you.
Zorbak: It is not your height that matters here, it's your level.
Zorbak: …and you level up by fighting monsters and doing quests.
Zorbak: At higher levels you can buy and equip better weapons, armor, and items.
Zorbak: Click on characters with "!"'s above their heads. Sometimes they have shops.
Hero: But how do I fight?
Zorbak: Listen here Grasshopper, you want to fight? You need to know what your skills do.
Zorbak: The easiest way to do this is to go to "OPTIONS" and choose "CLASSES".
Zorbak: Classes are roles like Warrior, Rogue, Mage, DragonSlayer, Ninja, etc…
Zorbak: Each class has unique skills.
Zorbak: You picked your first class at when creating your character at the start of the game…
Zorbak: But there's more, and there's going to be tons more!
Zorbak: Oh, and you can unlock them all! Its like Pokemon that you can wear.
Zorbak: Meh… but don't get PETA mad at us.
Zorbak: You can also switch between classes from the options menu.
Hero: Is there a reason to switch between classes?
Zorbak: Heck yeah! Maybe you are in a dungeon and your party needs a healer.
Hero: So I can just switch to a healer?
Zorbak: Well, no… the devs have not added it to the game yet. But when they do, you can!
Hero: Do the dev's add things regularly then?
Zorbak: OMG! Yes, this is an Artix Entertainment game after all.
Zorbak: This is an ever expanding world with new things added regularly for you to do.
Zorbak: I read the website to see what they are working on next.
Hero: So… what is my ultimate goal in this game?
Zorbak: Easy!
Zorbak: To be my servant minion for all of eternity!
Hero: Don't make me punt you.
Zorbak: Meh… Fine. Every area of the game has a story.
Zorbak: Quest through each area's story. It's probably leading up to something much bigger.
Zorbak: Questing is the fastest way to gain experience and level up.
Zorbak: Oh! You can get the best items through dungeons and crafting.
Hero: Thanks Zorbak, you were surprisingly helpful.
Zorbak: Pfft. Do not freaking tell anyone! It'll ruin my rep.
Zorbak: … and remember.
Zorbak: Sempai noticed you.

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