Humbug Invited


Mayor Kayne (Mayor of Winter's Grasp): Look, Humbug… I understand you're feeling grouchy-
Humbug (Grouchy Green Gobbler): Look! I'm sorry okay!
Mayor Kayne (Mayor of Winter's Grasp): … I was going to — WE were going to invite you. You just kinda run away when ever anyone tries to talk to you.
Humbug (Grouchy Green Gobbler): W-wait you were?
Mayor Kayne (Mayor of Winter's Grasp): Yes! And I still plan on inviting you. If you want, that is.
Humbug (Grouchy Green Gobbler): Oh… well… thanks, I'd like that…
Hale (Monster Hunter): So we're sure he's not a werewolf right? I can still put a silver-tipped crossbow bolt through him to make sure.
Hero (Holiday Hero): You're kind of ruining the mood, Hale.
Humbug (Grouchy Green Gobbler): Can you keep her away from me, <Hero>?

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