Infernal Fiend Servant


Price: N/A (Reward from the 'Hire! Infernal Fiend Servant (Repeatable)' quest)
Level: 1
Description: One of Nulgath's Infernal Fiends. At first glance they look savage and uneducated. But you soon realize that they are civil, and quite well-mannered, polite even. Nevertheless, don't mistake their politeness to other Nulgath Minions for weakness. This Fiend Raw's strength cannot be matched.

These minions' specialty are to collect and generate Tainted Gems, Diamonds Shards and Essences of Nulgath.
Note: You may only have one of this item.

Monstrous Nulgath Fiend
Yes… Malakai' and the great Master have appointed me to join you and assist you on your travels. What do you want?

Infernal Fiend Servant Quests
Here are the services I proved Minion. my specialty are Tainted Gems, Diamond Shards and Essences of Nulgath. Suit yourself, Minion.
- Servant of Nulgath: Infernal Fiend Tainted Gems
- Servant of Nulgath: Infernal Essence of Nulgath
- Servant of Nulgath: Infernal Diamond Shard

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