Information Given To Danicka


Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Welcome back! How did it go?
Hero: It went well. Everyone pretty much voted for Greenguard. Well everyone, but one person.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Let me guess. Warlic voted for the Beaches of Gloritha.
Hero: YES!
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): He went there like ten years ago, after I showed him a brochure and he won't shut up about it.
Hero: You've been there too? I thought he made it up.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Don't get me wrong, Gloritha is really amazing. There are just too many Devil Spiders there for my taste.
Hero: Devil Spiders? Yep, I'm out.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): So. Greenguard, huh? Ok, this is going to take a few extra MOMENTS to create an exhibit wing from scratch.
Hero: Wait. This Museum doesn't HAVE exhibit wings? I see doors, where do they go to?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Thanks to the Sisters of Time, they can go… anywhere. And right now, we need them to go to a Greenguard exhibit.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Here. This might help out…
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Sorores Temporis - Tempus et spatium revelate petentibus sapientiam tuam.
Hero: What just happened? Do I have another head now?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Just a little Sisters of Time spell to help us out.
Hero: I taste cookies…
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): That can happen. It should go away in a few minutes.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Speaking of Time Magic… Why don't you meet me in the newly created Greenguard Exhibit…

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