Informing Boog


Boog: Hey! The outsider is back!
Boog: You haven't been drained or chewed up yet!
Boog: What can I get for ya ?
Hero: I'm not here for drinks, Boog.
Boog: Get out.
Hero: Wait! I have news!
Hero: The leaders of the Vamps and Lycans are coming to Darkhurst for a kind of peace summit.
Boog: Huh… now that is interesting news.
Boog: Is a peace summit anything like a party ?
Hero: Uh… I guess in a way…
Boog: Then we better get some food ready for our guests.
Boog: And by "we" I mean you.
Boog: I've got some stuff they'll want in the basement.
Hero: You carry food for werewolves and vampires ?
Boog: Hey, business is business. Don't judge.
Boog: It's all in the name of peace, right ?
Hero: I guess.
Boog: Then make yourself useful.
Boog: Go and grab the stuff from the basement.
Boog: Just watch out for those shadows down there.

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