Informing Constantine


Constantine: <hero>! How goes it?
Hero: Great. Everyone has agreed to stand aside when you make your challenge.
Hero: But I think the stakes are even higher than we thought.
Constantine: Meaning what?
Hero: I heard a prophecy from the Lycan version of the book of Darkov.
Hero: It says "…Whoever holds the eye of night during the blood moon, will hold the power of Vampires and Lycans in their hands."
Hero: ShadowSlayer W thinks that the Were-king is attacking Darkhurst to get the eye of night… the darkness orb.
Constantine: If he finds where it's hidden in town by the blood moon…
Constantine: … Then he'll control the Lycan and use the orb's power to enslave the Vampires.
Constantine: That will end any hopes for peace forever.
Hero: Exactly.
Constantine: Then we have no time to waste.

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