Informing Shadowslayer W


ShadowSlayer W: Greetings, <hero>. What news ?
Hero: Lots of news.
Hero: Mayor Greanmor's daughter, Safiria, merged with the spirit of the first Vampire Queen and is now Queen of the Vampires herself.
Hero: Mayor Greanmor's son, Bram, went to the Lycans to get the power to rescue his sister…
Hero: … but he found a home among them and is now Constantine, the Were-King.
ShadowSlayer W: That… is a lot of news.
Hero: Oh, and parties of both factions are coming here to strike a deal ending the eternal war between Vampires and Werewolves.
ShadowSlayer W: The Vampire Queen and Were-King are coming here… to make peace ?
Hero: Yeah.
ShadowSlayer W: Then I suppose we should get Darkhurst ready for our unusual guests.
Hero: This could mean peace for all of Darkovia. I'll do whatever I can to help.
ShadowSlayer W: Good, because there's much to do before the Blood Moon arrives.
ShadowSlayer W: First, we're going to need to put a stop to some of the fighting in the streets.

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