Informing The Townfolk


Lucretia: What's going on, <hero> ?
Hero: I have news to share with you all.
Hero: The Vampires and Werewolves are coming to Darkhurst.
Morgul: Um… the vampires and werewolves are already here.
Morgul: Just look out a windows.
Hero: No, I mean the leaders are coming here. The Vampire Queen and the Were-King.
Morgul: Oh. So we're all dead.
Lucretia: MORGUL!
Hero: No, this is good news.
Hero: It's a long story but the new leaders have agreed to meet to talk about ending their war.
Anne: But, how can we trust them after what they did to us…
Anne: … after what they did to my son, Wes!
Hero: Anne, I know it's hard to trust them, but their new leaders are Safiria and Bram!
Hero: You know them! They grew up here in Darkhurst.
Lucretia: It's all in the name of peace, right ?
Morgul: Fascinating. And just in time for the Blood Moon.
Hero: These are interesting times.
Morgul: Where I come from, "May you live in interesting times" is a curse you wish on people you dislike.
Lucretia: You'd better let Boog know what to expect.

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