Innkeeper In Training


Hero: So, Yulgar is training you to run his inn?
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): Yes, but my dream is to buy and run my own inn someday.

Hero: Sounds like a lot of work.
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): It is a lot of work… but worth it, at least for me.

Hero: Why for you?
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): I don't know much about my past. I lost my memory.
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): The first thing I remember is running through the woods.
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): I was terrified, lost and confused… then I saw the light of an inn.
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): The innkeeper took me in and everyone there was so nice to me.

Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): I felt so warm and safe. The food was hot and everyone was friendly.
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): In time, I left and started looking for clues about my past… but that feeling never left me.
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): I decided I want to give that feeling to others. I wanted to start my own inn.
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): So i came here and begged Yulgar to train me. In trade, I work here.

Hero: Nothing beats a warm and friendly tavern when you're out adventuring.
Hero: I hope you make your dream come true, Serenity. I'll be your first customer!
Serenity (Innkeeper-In-Training): Thanks, <hero>! I'll save you a seat.

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