Inside Job


Hero: Excuse me, Mr. Hootenheim.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Please, call me Mr. Hooteneim.
Hero: I… did.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Hoo? Right you are! I'm sorry. I'm so used to people calling me "Hoots" around here.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): I hate it.
Hero: I found this list down in the vault.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): A list of all the most valuable items in our vaults?
Hero: It could only be made by someone who works at the bank.
Hero: I think you have a leak in your security. I'll go let Vulgren know…
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): HOO HOO! No need for that…
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): I'll hang onto this list. Let's just keep this between us for now.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Let me know if you find any other evidence of security leak in the vaults, <hero>.
Hero: … Alright.

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