Inside The Great Pyramid


A Faint, Familiar Voice (SpooOOOoooky!): <Hero>, can you hear me?
Hero: Lord Sekt?! How are you… Wait, are you telepathic?
Lord Sekt's Voice: … No… In fact, I'm actually standing right behind you…
Hero: Really?
Lord Sekt's Voice: Of course not! I'm speaking to you through the trinket, you fool!
Lord Sekt's Voice: Why else do you think I told Chombi to give you the trinket before you left?
Hero: Um…
Lord Sekt's Voice: Don't answer that!
Lord Sekt's Voice: Now listen close if you want to reach Khal-Bo'Bir.
Lord Sekt's Voice: There are Four Crystals scattered across this labyrinth that you must activate to enter the Djinn's Chamber.
Lord Sekt's Voice: The crystals each have a distinct color: RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE… Follow the colors to find your way!
Lord Sekt's Voice: I would have guided you in person, but every step I take outside my temple brings me closer to death… I cannot take that risk.
Hero: Understood… I need to find the four crystals to get to Khal-No'Bir. Then it's just a matter of passing his trial…
Lord Sekt's Voice: Indeed… A trial by combat!
Lord Sekt's Voice: The Djinn only allows those who best him in combat the opportunity to have their wish granted.
Lord Sekt's Voice: Deliver the final blow onto the Djinn, and the wish is yours…
Hero: Seems simple enough.
Lord Sekt's Voice: That it does…
Lord Sekt's Voice: Now go… Enter the Djinn's Chamber!

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