Inside the Odd Snow Globe


Hero: Whoa. It's even weirder on the inside.
Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson agrees, at least from what can be seen from this mirror's vantage point.
Hero: Whaaaaaaa?! You've turned into a mirror?!
Mysterious Johnson (By Way of the Mysterious Mirror!): Nonsense! Mysterious Johnson is merely speaking to you through this mysterious mirror.
Mysterious Johnson: This mirror will allow Mysterious Johnson to commune with you while you're inside the Globe…
Mysterious Johnson: …And it'll act as a gateway for you to exit the Globe at your leisure.
Hero: Great! That meas I won't be stuck in here, right?
Mysterious Johnson: In theory, yes. But have faith, Mysterious Johnson's theories have yet to be proven wrong… recently, anyway…
Hero: Okay… so, where do we start our search for the missing heroes?
Mysterious Johnson: It'd be wise to survey the land surrounding the Cabin before venturing inside in case any of the heroes should turn up lost in the woods.
Mysterious Johnson: One must eliminate all other possibilities before making a keen assumption.
Hero: Sounds like a good plan.
Mysterious Johnson: Of course, it is. All of Mysterious Johnson's plans are brilliant, even the ones that lead to glorious failure.
Mysterious Johnson: Now hurry — Find the missing heroes!

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