Reese (DragonSlayer): Greetings, <hero>.
Hero: You know me?
Reese (DragonSlayer): Sure. Word travels fast amongst the DragonSlayers.
Reese (DragonSlayer): People are starting to talk about you and what you're done in Ashfall.
Reese (DragonSlayer): After seeing the army of infernals plow through here I was starting to lose hope…
Reese (DragonSlayer): … but if half of what people say is true, we stand a shot of saving Lore from Talyn and the Great Fire Dragon.
Hero: So you saw the Crimson Circle's army?
Reese (DragonSlayer): Yes. They attacked the Guardian Tower for three days and nights.
Hero: Did you fight with them?
Reese (DragonSlayer): Yes, again. There were only a handful of them but you should have seen them fight.
Reese (DragonSlayer): I've never seen anything like it. They held off wave after wave of that army.
Reese (DragonSlayer): Then… some type of horned creature that I've never seen joined the fight.
Reese (DragonSlayer): These monsters went blow for blow with the Guardians. Equals in power.
Reese (DragonSlayer): The Guardians told me I had to escape to let Galanoth know…
Hero: Know what?
Reese (DragonSlayer): They said that Talyn MUST not obtain the Secret of the Tower… what it was protecting.
Hero: What was it?
Reese (DragonSlayer): I don't know. That was when I had to make my break for it.
Reese (DragonSlayer): I haven't been able to get back to the Guardian Tower to even check.
Reese (DragonSlayer): Something happened to the Drakimps and Lava Worms on this plateau.
Reese (DragonSlayer): They went mad. They've been digging holes and gouges in the plateau, destabilizing it.
Reese (DragonSlayer): If they aren't stopped, Tower Pass including the Guardian Tower will crumble into the lava!
Hero: Then we need to stop the creates from digging and get into that tower!

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