Investigate Doomknight


DoomKnight: HA HA HA HA!
DoomKnight: You are FAR too late… little hero.
DoomKnight: The shadows have already claimed Ravenspire.
Hero: What did you do to these people!?
DoomKnight: HEH. The pathetic people of this town have already been sacrified….
DoomKnight: To forge and power the ultimate darkness weapon that I wield…
DoomKnight: Behold… the Shadow Reaper of Doom!
DoomKnight: This is the part, where you turn around and run….
Shadow Reaper of Doom: No. I desire this one's power.
Hero: I'm not running.
DoomKnight: HAH! Your bravery is equal parts ignorance and stupidity.
DoomKnight: As you can see, I have already fully powered this weapon!
Shadow Reaper of Doom: Darkness's appetite is insatiable.
Shadow Reaper of Doom: Always hungry… always craving… more.
DoomKnight: There is no hope left here…
DoomKnight: Only…. DOOM.

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