It's Grenwog!


Hero: Alright… Carrots are places, let's see if we can bait the Grenwog out…

Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): Wait, <Hero>… Do you hear that?
*The Grenwog appears from is burrow in all of it's majesty just to eat the carrots quickly and scurry back inside*
Hero: Woah! The Grenwog IS real!
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): I told you <Hero>! Everyone thought I was crazy! Now go catch that Grenwog and catch it!
Hero: Wait, what?! Did you see the size of that thing!?

Hero: Oohhh! What is happening?!
Hooper (Conspiracy Nut / Miller): <Hero> I don't feel so good!

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