It's Time for a Truce


Lord Sekt: Well, look who finally decided to show up.
Zhoom: It's your fault <Hero> was separated from us in the first place.
Lord Sekt: Oh, pardon me for saving you all whilst in the throes of Death…ingrates.
Hero: Have you two been bickering the entire time I've been gone.
Zhoom: Mostly, though we have also come to something of a truce.
Lord Sekt: More like an understanding.
Lord Sekt: From this point forward, I… will no longer hold full governing power over the Sandsea.
Lord Sekt: My platform as the God-King of the Sandsea shall henceforth be… ceremonial.
Zhoom: Sekt has too many loyal followers to be fully removed without some sort of conflict.
Zhoom: So this arrangement seemed to be the best way to move forward without too much instability.
Lord Sekt: What can I say? I've cultivated a very loyal following.
Zhoom: But with this agreement, Bastion will be open to all who wish to enter.
Zhoom: And my rebels will no longer be ostracized by Sekt's guards.
Hero: Does Lord Sekt get anything out of the arrangement?
Zhoom: He gets my word that I will not hogtie him and drag him outside of his temple to perish.
Zhoom: Which is exactly what will happen if he decides to renege on his promises.
Lord Sekt: And I'm certain he would do just that, especially now that I've returned his ancestral bow.
Hero: You've got your bow back?
Zhoom: That's correct. I told you I would be reunited with my bow in time.
Hero: This is all good and well, but I'm a bit surprised by Lord Sekt's sudden change of heart.
Lord Sekt: This experience -- Failure even -- Has been more than humbling…
Lord Sekt: Skorpienne made it clear I was never the leader the Sandsea needs… That I have done great harm to this land.
Lord Sekt: There is no way that I can atone for all my failures.
Zhoom: Like leading Sandsea into ruin, and the loss of countless lives, to name a few.
Lord Sekt: I thought we agreed that we would move things along in a more diplomatic fashion?
Zhoom: That was me being diplomatic.
Lord Sekt: Right… well, I can't argue against the veracity of your statement.
Lord Sekt: And I can't help but think that if Gaspar were here, he would agree that this is best for Sandsea's future.
Hero: Gaspar would certainly have approved of this.
Hero: It looks like things in Sandsea are changing for the better.
Lord Sekt: For now… After all, Vane is still out there as a threat to us all.
Hero: I know… I won't rest until Vane and the Voidrakar are defeated for good.
Zhoom: And should you ever require assistance, my rebels and I are at your service.
Lord Sekt: I, too, will offer my assistance.
Lord Sekt: Though I am no longer able to fight on the battlefield, I can provide troops to fight by your side.
Hero: I'm happy to hear you both say that. Farewell for now.
Zhoom: Wait, <Hero>. I would like a word with you before you leave.

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