Item Infusion

Item Infusion is a feature that allows players to increase power offset and thus stats of their items in exchange for spending regional infusion runes and gold or purely gold. Item Infusion can accessed by interacting with Maximus who is located in Battleon Town Square, close to Cysero's Forge.

After infusing an item to its highest power offset, a.k.a infusion cap, any used regional infusion runes can be extracted from the item for some gold. Doing this will revert the item back to its base power offset (+0). Any gold spend on items that were infused purely with gold is lost and cannot be retrieved through extraction.

Regional infusion runes are crafted by using regional capstones and inert runes alongside some gold in Infusion Runes and Capstones shop. When regional capstones and inert runes are available, max level items require regional infusion runes to infuse them, but if regional capstones and inert runes are not obtainable in any way then gold will only be used instead to infuse max level items.

Regional capstones are obtained just like regular capstones, level up after reaching the max level. Regional inert runes are obtained by completing Daily Tasks after reaching the max level, namely by completing the "Complete 8 Tasks" task.

A total of 75 Runes is required to infuse an item to +20.

A showcase of Item Infusion using infusion runes + rune extraction:

Item Infusion gold cost uses the following formula:

Infusion Cost = Level * (currentOffset * 20) + (Level * 10)
  • Level is the level of the item that is being infused.
  • currentOffset is the power offset the item currently has (+0 for example).

Therefore the cost comes from two factors: item's level and its power offset.

An example of calculating item's infusion gold cost:
The item is level 10 with a power offset of +5.

Infusion Cost = 10 * (5 * 20) + (10 * 10)
Infusion Cost = 10 * 100 + 100
Infusion Cost = 1,000 + 100
Infusion Cost = 1,100 Gold

After using the amount of gold mentioned above to infuse the item, it now has a power offset of +6.

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