Jimmy The Eye (Cutscene)


Hero: Hi, Jimmy.
Jimmy The Eye (Warlic's Companion): **Jimmy blinks a greeting to you**
Hero: Listen, Warlord Gamush has lost his mace and all whatever kind of magic it holds.
Hero: He was hoping you might be able to, like… make him magic… or something?
Hero: I'm not completely clear on what his expectations are.
Hero: Think you could help?
Jimmy The Eye (Warlic's Companion): **Jimmy blinks apologetically, as if to say he wishes he could help**
Jimmy The Eye (Warlic's Companion): **Jimmy blinks in a way that says that he's far too busy with Warlic's tasks to grant Warlord Gamush magic powers**
Hero: Alright, I'll let Gamush know you can't help. Thanks.
Hero: You know, you have an incredibly expressive eyelid.
Jimmy The Eye (Warlic's Companion): **Jimmy blinks as if to say that yes, he knows that, then blinks his farewell**

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