Jimmy The Eye (NPC) (Old)

[You hear a voice inside your head] Greetings, hero! Please don't kill me. I'm not one of those ridiculous flying eyes from Greenguard Forest. I'm Warlic's companion, Jimmy The Eye. He's busy with his shop in Battleon so he sent me to collect some rare magical ingredients and spell components from Livingstone cave… but I'm not having much luck. This cave is a pretty though place for a little blue eye. If I go back empty-wingged, Warlic will be really upset. Do you think you could help me?

[You hear a voice inside your head] Warlic actually pulled me and the other flying blue eyes from another dimension but I'm different from the others. Smaller but smarter. His magic had caused my dimension to collapse and he tried to save my race from being destroyed along with it. I helped him seal the rift before this dimension could be destroyed too and we've been together ever since.

- Jimmy The Eye's Quests

Location: Livingstone Caverns (Old)
Level: 1

Note: Also see Jimmy The Eye (NPC).

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