Just a Small Curse


Warlic (Blue Mage) Greetings, <Hero>. How can I help you?
Hero: I need to get into a mousehole in Yulgars inn.
Hero: Do you have a shrinking spell or something?
Warlic (Blue Mage)
Warlic (Blue Mage) <Hero>, this is real life. There's no such thing as a shrinking spell.
Hero: Oh.
Warlic (Blue Mage) There are shrinking POTIONS.
Hero: Oh!
Warlic (Blue Mage) But I'm sold out of those.
Hero: Oh.
Warlic (Blue Mage) But I have something that might get the job done.
Hero: Oh?
Warlic (Blue Mage) I will place a shrinking curse on you.
Hero: You're going… to CURSE me?
Warlic (Blue Mage) It's only a small curse.
Warlic (Blue Mage) Whenever you get near that mousehole you will shrink to the approximate size of a mouse.
Hero: That doesn't sound so bad.
Warlic (Blue Mage) Curses all depend on how you use them.
Warlic (Blue Mage) You'll just have to sit at a table on the other side of the inn from now on.
Hero: Sounds good. Hit me with your best shot!
Warlic (Blue Mage) Very well. Here we go.

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