Keeper of Sand Set

Location: Legacy Sandsea Rewards - Battleon Town Square
Total Cost: Capstone x180
Set Pieces:

Name Level Price
Armor.png Keeper of Sand Armor epicsmall.png 1 Capstone x40
Belt.png Keeper of Sand Belt epicsmall.png 1 Capstone x20
Boot.png Keeper of Sand Boots epicsmall.png 1 Capstone x20
Cape.png Keeper of Sand Cape epicsmall.png 1 Capstone x25
Glove.png Keeper of Sand Gloves epicsmall.png 1 Capstone x20
Helm.png Keeper of Sand Hood epicsmall.png 1 Capstone x30
Shoulder.png Keeper of Sand Shoulders epicsmall.png 1 Capstone x25

Set Level: 1

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