Atlantean Armorer
Looking for gear to further add to your arsenal, brave warrior? You have come to the right place then. My specialty is armaments; this is what I can offer to you.

- Atlantean Armaments

Combat Ready Aqua Soldier Trade
You managed to find a Rusted piece of Aqua Soldier gear? If you bring me some I will be able to restore them to their former glory for FREE. I will polish and restore the pieces to prepare them for combat.
- Combat Ready Aqua Soldier Trade

Aqua Soldier Gear
Looking to further improve your combat abilities, Hero?
Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with our equipment so freely. We are short on stock - one of our traditional army armaments is completely lost to our armory even. You will have to hunt down the previous Elite Soldier gear that was lost in battle inside The Locker. However, if you collect enough resources I can spare some pieces of our emergency armory stash. Be aware, it WILL cost you.
- Aqua Soldier Gear

What Lost Armament?
Our capes. Supplies started to diminish over time with the countless soldiers we lost in past conflicts. Before we were even able to preapre, our stock was completely emptied.

The few capes we have left are the only remnants remaining.

- Lost Treasure of Atlantis - Aqua Soldier Cape
- The Locker - Dungeon Crawling
- Royal Seashell Daily
- Royal Seashell Hunt

Location: Atlantis (Location)
Note: This NPC appears after completing the 'Pearl of Wisdom' quest.

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