Tag Classification Description
commonsmall.png Common Item This item is tagged with the Common Rarity
dcsmall.png Dragon Crystal Item This item can be purchased with Dragon Crystals
epicsmall.png Epic Item This item is tagged with the Epic Rarity
guardiansmall.png Guardian Item Usable only by Guardians of AQ3D
heromartsmall.png HeroMart Item This item is obtained purchasing HeroMart Merchs.
junksmall.png Junk Item This item is tagged with the Junk Rarity
kickstartersmall.png Kickstarter Item This item is awarded to those who supported the AQ3D Kickstarter campaign or any other AE Kickstarter campaign
legacysmall.png Legacy Item This item is no longer available
legendarysmall.png Legendary Item This item is tagged with the Legendary Rarity
specialsmall.png Special Item This item is only available from special promotions and offers
raresmall.png Rare Item This item is tagged with the Rare Rarity
seasonalsmall.png Seasonal Item This item is no longer available, though returns during Events
uncommonsmall.png Uncommon Item This item is tagged with the Uncommon Rarity
Armor.png Armor Type Equippable Armor Item
Belt.png Belt Type Equippable Belt Item
Bobber.png Bobber Equipable Bobber
Boot.png Boot Type Equippable Boot Item
Bow.png Bow Equippable Bow Type Weapon
ClassTitle.png Class Title Equippable Class Title
CollectorsChest.png Collectors Chest Consumable Collector Chest
expboost.png XP/Class XP Boost Consumable XP Boost
Glove.png Glove Type Equippable Glove Item
goldboost.png Gold Boost Consumable Gold Boost
Gun.png Gun Equippable Gun Type Weapon
Fish.png Fish Resource Unequippable Fishing Trade Skill Resource
FishingRod.png Fishing Rod Equippable Fishing Rod
fooditem.png Food Consumable Food Item
HealthPotion.png Health Potion Consumable Health Potion
Helm.png Helm Type Equippable Helm Item
Letter.png Misc. Type Unequippable Misc. Item
ManaPotion.png Mana Potion Consumable Mana Potion
Misc.png Misc. Type Unequippable Misc. Item
Pet.png Pet Type Equippable Pet Item
Shoulder.png Shoulder Type Equippable Shoulder Item
Transformation.png Transformation Consumable Transformation
Weapon.png Weapon Type Equippable Weapon Item
Returns Returning Item Denotes a returning page on the New Releases
Updated Updated Item Denotes updated information on a page on the New Releases
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