Key to the Hollowing


«Meanwhile at the Hollow Keep…»
Azella: So it is done? The Keeper of Death and her lamp are no more?
Vane: Skarn's poison worked better than I could have imagined.
Vane: And <Hero> was there to ensure that Skorpienne met her demise before she did anything… Drastic.
Skarn: I am pleased that you found my poison to be satisfactory.
Skarn: With the threat of the lamp gone… What is our next course of action?
Vane: We return our focus toward unearthing the secrets tied to Death's key.
Vane: That requires you to unlock its mysteries, Azella… The Hollowing cannot commence unless you succeed.
Azella: Understood… I will see that it gets done.
Vane: Good. Now go… Prove your worth to our cause.
Skarn: My lord, if I may, are we sure that it's wise to put so much faith in the girl.
Skarn: With no wish at our disposal and Death's champion still out in the wild to meddle in our affairs…
Skarn: We will have no recourse if Azella were to fail.
Vane: I will not allow her to fail.
Vane: The Hollowing will commence soon. And there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

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