Khal-No'Bir the Djinn & Skorpienne


Lord Sekt: So you've returned… did you retrieve the final piece of the lamp?
Hero: It was tough, but I got it.
Lord Sekt: Good… now, with the lamp reassembled, it's time to confront the Djinn…
Lord Sekt:Khal-No'Bir !
Hero: Oooh… so do I just rub the lamp three times to summon the Djinn?
Lord Sekt: What?! …the Khal-No'Bir isn't inside the lamp, you fool!
Lord Sekt: How could it be? The lamp was broken into pieces!
Lord Sekt: Khal-No'Bir rests inside a chamber deep with the Great Pyramid…
Lord Sekt: The Lamp allows you passage into the Djinn's chamber, where you must complete the Djinn's trial.
Hero: What kind of trial?
Lord Sekt: A trial by combat, of course.
Lord Sekt: Should you complete its trial, you'll be rewarded with a wish.
Hero: Fight a Dijnn… if that's what I have to do to wish the lamp to be destroyed, then so be it.
Lord Sekt: Wish for what?!
Hero: It's the only way to make sure that Vane and no one else like him will ever use the lamp for evil.
Lord Sekt: What a noble endeavor… Skorpienne would never allow it.
Hero: And who's Skorpienne again?
Lord Sekt: Skorpienne, the Keeper of Death and the creator of the lamp.
Lord Sekt: Even though she was banished from this realm by the other keepers…
Lord Sekt: Any wish made must first have her blessing before it is granted.
Lord Sekt: And seeing how Skorpienne created the lamp to bring about death and chaos…
Lord Sekt: She would never allow you to wish for its destruction.
Hero: So a wish won't be granted unless Skorpienne approves of it?
Lord Sekt: That's how she described it to me when I made my wish long ago…
Lord Sekt: Which she was more than eager to plague me with!
Hero: I'll just have to think of a wish she won't refuse… whatever that is…
Lord Sekt: You'll have plenty of time to figure it out.
Lord Sekt: But for now… Khal-No'Bir's trial awaits!

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