KIMBr:L3 Finds An Egg!


Hero: Well, that was… weird.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Yeah! Who knew unicorns could be so… So BRUTAL?
Hero: It's right there in the name, though, isn't it?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Ohh, Brutalcorn. Yeah.
Hero: Not as brutal as me, though!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Scanners detecting massive… ego!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) You totally did kick his butt, though.
Hero: So you can get to work on fixing the ship's teleportation device now, right?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Oh, sure! We're golden!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) …You know, as long as we don't accidentally bring these things back to our world and start a Derpicorn apocalypse, or something.
Hero: Yeah, let's not do that.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Ooo, look! I found an egg!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) What do you think THIS does?
Hero: Put that down, KIMBr:L3.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) But it's so pretty!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) I'm gonna take it home with me.
Hero: No! Have you never watched a single sci-fi horror movie?
Hero: Give that thing here.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Fiiiiine…
Hero: I need to get rid of this egg.

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